Decentralizing everything around food & produce.

There are an uncountable amount of things wrong with today's food and produce industries, systems and innovation is currently controlled by government agencies and major food corporations. It's time to change that. It's time to decentralize the entire industry.

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Better innovation, means healthier food.

The aFood community is focused on building more decentralized and innovative solutions for the food/produce industry, because nourishment and healthy eating is a key to living a clean and prosperous life. aFood is a major part of God's vision for decentralization and the aFood community is wearing that badge proudly.

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Better innovation means healthier food
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The food and produce industry is killing us. We can fight back together.

Now-a-days most people understand what most food and produce industry leaders are putting into our bodies and none of it is safe or healthy. Recent studies have shown that many diseases are brought about by a lot of the food we eat. A simple search online will show that these issues are in the news today. Decentralizing and making the food industry more transparent, will help cure a lot of these issues. Together as a community, we can solve this health crisis and nourish our bodies, without these worries.

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You can support our mission to free the food and produce industry.

There are more ways than one, to support our mission to free the food and produce industry through what our aFood community missionaries are innovating every single day. Learn more about how you can help out and join our mission today!

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Arisen powers the most expansive decentralized toolset & community ever created.

In a way, the world gave us lemons and we really have produced lemonade in more ways than one. Learn more about the Arisen network and our missionaries' goal to decentralize everything

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